Sarah Ruth (mint_cake) wrote in himitsunoniwa,
Sarah Ruth

A day out in California winter

Though I haven't gotten the chance to really dress full on loli for far too long, my husband was very sweet and gave me an AP dress I really wanted for Christmas. Today I went out with my hubby to take some pictures!  I thought I would share them with you all~! I apologize in advance for all the pics!
*warning* I also made up a little story of sorts with a poodle... because I have far to much time on my hands. ::laughs::

first poodle-chan and I flew to UCB capus

Where I pretended to be a professor. Because everyone knows professors are awesome.

Rest time.

Inadvertent bottom shot..... so very loli.. Xo

On the way to lunch we found a candy store......

Sadly it was no longer in existence.....

Then me the poodle, and Slave photographer, the patient husband went out to lunch at this great  French take out place.  They have wonderful food, and cute boxes they serve it in with plastic silver spoons, its a bit like a mini picnic! XD

The end! 
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