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refried papermache

saying hi hi hi!

I fail at being artistic D: MS paint intro?!

Hello! My name is tsu (or 姿, if you prefer). I'm studying media/commuication and contemporary art at University of Melbourne, Australia. I'm totally addicted to Mont Blanc and it's probably the only thing I can order anywhere in the world (marron aux gateau, mont blanc, モンブラン ケーキ, 栗子蛋糕). I love anything that is blue too - that includes blue cupcakes and blue snowcones, which is kinda weird since blue = food poisoning right? Anyway, my favourite brands are Fairywish and Emikyu(+ ST~!) but I'll basically get anything with a cool print :D

Here are some pictures I have of an old photoshoot (in 2006! o.o):
1 2 3

Anyway, I shall bribe you with a gift yes?? Let's be friends! :DDD (too many D's look like double-chins!)

Oh yes, I was wondering how do people take their photos? I'm usually the photographer, plus I don't own a tripod so I find it really hard to take photos of myself. Is it okay if I post pictures of those I have taken of? (with permission of course) Particularly for outdoor photos, does anyone use a self-timer for those? How did it turn out?

Thanks very much! I hope I didn't freak anyone out with my dorkyness (I'm serious sometimes, I swear!Dx!)
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