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Picture spam update

I wanted to join in with the photo posting, but I've been uploading all my photos on flickr and princessportal since himi-chan has been down, so I hope you haven't seen these already.

Above are from one of my favourite photoshoots with my friend Claire in the field of everlastings near our house. Skirt is BABY flowercart series, Cutsew is AP and I wore my VM boater which kept blowing off but you can see me holding it in on of these photos.

The only decent outfit photo I got from Eugene's party. BABY Yuki no namida OP, I love this dress to pieces and need more excuses to wear it. Oh, and this is one of the days my hair refused to curl (ie: everyday) so I think it looks a bit flat. Need to come up with more hair styles other than straight or braids.

From a Masquerade ball I attended in October. This is seriously the smallest dress BABY have ever made, and it rides up too! The fabric is very pretty at night though.

Photos from my birthday this year, I love this angel gobelin JSK from BABY, I was so happy when I finally won it on Y!jp. The photos were taken at the heritage rose farm.

Pic spam over ^_^ Happy to see everyone posting photos again!

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