muier_noir (muier_noir) wrote in himitsunoniwa,

scan dump part 2

Not sure of the volume and several of my mooks are already packed. Anyone know the volume number these are from?
Gothic lolita and punk brand book #?

Lolita fashion fancier

kera-date unsure

gothic & lolita bible 18

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Not an ungrateful comment, but it might be cool to throw a header on each of these in the text itself in addition to the cuts, because when looking at it later we might not be coming from a main comm page, but rather straight to the entry, and there's no header to tell what each book is! Just a suggestion! <3
oh yeah! forgot to do that, thanks!
Awsome! Thanks! Though the girl with the blonde wig in the first book scans is Scary!
Ohh thank you for these too.., I loved the alice ones and I'd love to have the Lolita Fashion Fancier..^^
I think the G.L.P is volume 1 from 2005. I have that copy too! :D (I'm not at home right now, but I'll go home and check if it's right)
Thanks! Wow, it's the first time I see scans of the L Fashion Fancier :P I'm scanning the whole book!
I think that Kera was frum summer-autumn 2005 ish...that skirt is the same series as my first lolita dress!

Thanks for the scans! They're so much fun <3!
LOL "from"
Wow, awesome breakdown!!!

I have been hunting for quality GLB scans and found them here.

And especially for this pic: XD

I have no idea why.